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The HYP Homeless Youth: Bibliography and Resources (2008) includes an annotated bibliography – by issue area – drawn from a wide range of academic and program-based research. In addition to Voices from the Street: A Survey of Homeless Youth by Their Peers and other HYP publications , following are some selected reports that provide a good starting place to learn more about youth homelessness.

  • Addressing Youth Homelessness, A State Policy Perspective, Senate Office of Research. Riches, E. (November 2011). This research memo outlines the legislation, plans, programs, and funding other states have adopted and implemented to address youth homelessness.
  • The Runaway Youth Longitudinal Study, National Runaway Switchboard, Benoit-Bryan, J. (September 2011).
    A panel study spanning 15 years which examines the characteristics of kids who run away from home and the long term impacts of runaway behavior on key outcomes in adulthood.
  • No Way Home: Understanding the Needs and Experiences of Homeless Youth in Hollywood, Rabinovitz, S., Desai, M., Schneir, A., & Clark, L. Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership. (November 2010.)
    This report presents findings from a comprehensive needs assessment conducted with homeless youth in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles County during 2007 and 2008. It explores the pathways to homelessness for youth; their health status and educational and vocational needs; their service utilization and experiences; and particular risk factors for youth in the dependency and delinquency systems. It offers a set of recommendations for practice improvements and policy changes.
  • Why They Run: An In-Depth Look at America's Runaway Youth, National Runaway Switchboard (May 2010).
    This NRS report examines existing data, trends, and interviews with youth in Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • My So-Called Emancipation: From Foster Care to Homelessness for California Youth, Human Rights Watch (May 2010).
    This report documents the struggles of foster care youth who become homeless after turning 18, or "aging out" of the state's care, without sufficient preparation or support for adulthood.
  •  Promising Strategies to End Youth Homelessness (Report to Congress), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2007).
    This federal report describes the background, the problem (youth homelessness), theoretical perspectives, intervention alternatives, and implications for policy and programs.
  • Runaway and Homeless Youth: Demographics, Programs, and Emerging Issues, A. Fernandes (January 2007).
    This Congressional Research Service report describes homeless and runaway youth, including related factors and risks. It describes the evolution of federal policy, programs and funding support for this population, and also discusses emerging issues such as runaway and homeless youth as “disconnected youth” and youth outcomes.
  •  Homeless Youth in the United States: Recent Research Findings and Intervention Approaches, P. Toro, A. Dworsky, and P. Fowler (Presented at the National Symposium on Homelessness Research, March 2007).
    This paper summarizes the existing literature and reviews findings on the homeless youth population and interventions developed to address their housing and service needs, both directed at youth themselves and family-focused strategies. The authors discuss future strategies for research and practice.