Welcome to the California Homeless Youth Project

Policy Resources

Several policy-related resources are provided in this section. These include Laws & Legislation and Research resources (reports, websites, and experts to contact).

Resources are also provided for Issues such as Education & Employment, Criminalization & Victimization, Housing & Support Services, Physical, Mental & Behavioral Health, and LGBTQ Youth.


For quick background information about youth homelessness and the characteristics and issues surrounding young people with unstable housing, check out the following fact sheets and briefs.
  • Fundamental Issues to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness, National Alliance to End Homelessness (May 2006).
    This NAEH brief identifies the causes of youth homelessness, the characteristics of youth, and their relationships and social networks; it describes the youth housing continuum and presents ten essential elements to end youth homelessness.
  • Fact Sheets & Issue Briefs, The National Network for Youth.
    The NN4Y provides several briefs about homeless youth and specific issues.  One brief focuses on the consequences of youth homelessness faced by young people on their own, including mental health and substance abuse problems, criminal activity and unsafe sexual practices, and the resulting costs to society.
  • Homeless Children and Youth: Causes and Consequences, Y. Aratani (2009).
    This brief from the National Center on Children and Poverty explores the causes and consequences of homelessness among children and youth; it also explains federal policies.