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Welcome to the California Research Bureau's Homeless Youth Project website!

We have redesigned our website to better serve you and to conform to the guidelines for California state department and agency websites. The format of the site has been overhauled to improve navigation and provide a more focused customer experience. Our customers are important to us, and we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need.


The site design universal features include a header and footer which you’ll find on all web pages to which the redesign has been applied. Our header section includes a search box that scans an index of all our pages and will provide a ranked list of pages based on your search. Our footer section includes a Contact Us link that provides information on how to send an email, phone or write in.

The Tabs provide one-click access to our homepage and other topics of interest by simply selecting the appropriate tab.

The Most Popular Links is an listing of content available on our site which is most visited by customers.

Our Related Links page provides access to new information and sites that provide additional information in a separate format.

The Information About section has three areas:

  1. A three tab section for typical tasks customers have when they come to our site
  2. What We Do, a brief explanation of our mission and goals
  3. Three icons that are consistent across all State of California websites providing links concerning saving energy, the Amber Alert program and a link for you to provide us with comments or questions about your experience on our website.