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Other Voices

Following are some additional youth experiences and related resources.

Larkin Street’sCommunity Art Program
Check out the art produced by youth throughout the San Francisco community.  Projects include tile mosaic and painted murals.
Find out more about the Youth Art Program.

Get Sandwiched!

Watch the video of interns at YO! Youth Outlook and The Beat Within giving back to their community of San Francisco in honor of Allen Bow, a fellow intern who died on the streets because he didn't have a place to stay. 

Street Breeze
WIND Youth Newsletter
Download the latest edition of WIND Youth Center’s quarterly newspaper written, designed, edited, published and distributed by and for homeless youth in Sacramento.

A Tour of Youth Homelessness in Fresno

Youth journalist from The kNOw Youth Media, Marcus Vega, takes viewers on a tour of an abandoned home, where he and many other homeless youth have spent the night. "At night time, this place gets pitch black, there are rats here...I used to sleep here at night time when it sounds like much more is going on, things going in and out of the walls."

What Am I Worth?
Produced by the HELLO youth group, homeless teens in Chicago created a video to ask state leaders what they are worth in light of the budget crisis.

Youth Speak Out: Finding Well-Being After the Streets
Maggie, Garney and Zach all used to be homeless, but they’ve now all found their own unique ways to stay healthy and happy. In this roundtable discussion, they define and explain well-being, one of the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s four outcomes for runaway and homeless youth.

Young, Black, Male, Single--and Homeless in San Jose

“Currently, I sleep on the floor of some friends' apartment, and I have no key. This is a blessing, and I’ve had worse accommodations (try the back seat of an old TOYOTA 4Runner with no back window in the dead of winter). But there is something maddening about not being able to come and go as I please. In any event, I’ve only got this arrangement until March 1, at which point I’m back to my own devices.”
Read more at YO! Youth Outlook, San Francisco.

Without Guidance

“His mother was a crackhead up till she was pregnant with him, then she stopped. He was always looking for some type of an escape or for someone to come rescue him because he was so scared and lonely. He felt as if nobody would ever love him or care about him. He was always trying to fit in with the rest of the world, but he stuck out like a sore thumb. As he grew up he learned to hate the world and everyone that lived on the earth. He doesn't even have to know you: and he already hates you. Even if you say "Hi" he feels like taking you out.”

Read more at Roaddawgz, San Francisco and check out the drawings in the Roaddawgz art gallery.

Homeless for the Holidays: Portraits of NYC’s LGBT Youth
A beautiful photo essay featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender homeless youth on the streets of New York, produced by the Ali Forney Center, a housing shelter for LGBT youth, to raise awareness of what it means for these young people to be “homeless for the holidays.”

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