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In September, 2018, the California Homeless Youth Project released Pushing Back Against School Pushout: Student Homelessness and Opportunities for Change. The issue brief by Shahera Hyatt, Emily Herr, and Samantha Bielz, examines the literature to reveal the intersection between student homelessness in California and the school-to-prison pipeline and offers alternatives for policymakers, service providers, and school personnel.

Balancing School and Siblings

"Balancing School and Siblings"

California Homeless Youth Project

The California Homeless Youth Project (HYP) is a research and policy initiative that highlights the issues and challenges faced by unaccompanied young people who are homeless or lack stable housing. The HYP features the voices of youth describing their experiences and their recommendations for policy change.

.... I would offer work clothes and street clothes and dress shoes…. I would create a bus line across the country and pick up as many people as possible, and have educational tools. (19 year-old describes how he would help his homeless peers.)

This website provides state and local policymakers and others with information and policy resources specific to unaccompanied homeless youth, with a focus on young people in California. Check our publications and the policy resources to learn:

  • Who are unaccompanied homeless youth?
  • How many homeless youth are there in California?
  • Why are they homeless?
  • What challenges do they face?

For brief answers to these questions, see our latest fact sheet, Youth Homelessness in California: A Quick Overview.

In addition, the HYP provides policymakers with opportunities for in-depth learning experiences, including site visits and discussions with service providers, youth, and researchers. Contact us to discuss these opportunities.